St. Ignace Area Hope Food Pantry
located at      250 Ferry Lane
Saint Ignace, Michigan

Mail:    P.O. Box 170, Saint Ignace, MI 49781
  I'm weary, Lord, stretched thin, worn out. This servant is spent. But do not give me up for lost, Good Shepherd, gather me up
just long enough so I can rest a while in your arms.
Regular winter/spring hours:    Tue & Wed & Thur    2:00 - 4:00 p.m.
Accepting donations of canned or packaged foods. For example, the Pantry is always in need of things like:
Flour    Sugar    Salt    Cooking Oil    Peanut Butter    Jam/Jelly   
Coffee/Tea    Bisquick    Syrup    Canned Goods    Bottled Juices    Cereal   
Pasta & Mixes    Hamburger Helper    Tuna    Toilet paper    Mustard    Ketchup   

Patrons of the Food Pantry must have an evident financial hardship as their basis of need for food. They will be asked to explain this basis of need to the volunteer who greets them and interviews them. For those who have a valid need, the volunteers at the Food Pantry will document their need and will decide how much food to give them, based on family size and the availability of food in stock.
For most patrons, the Food Pantry will endeavor to issue two weeks worth of food at a time. Patrons whose financial hardship lasts longer than two weeks may be given two weeks worth of food a maximum of three (3) times within a three month period, either in three consecutive two-week intervals or spread-out over the three months at the patron's discretion.
  Persons/families needing food assistance for a longer period of time, or who seem to habitually return to the Food Pantry for six-weeks worth of food every three months will be referred to their pastor or other human services agencies for help. Pastors or other human services agencies, e.g., Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS) or Community Action Agency, who support the patron's ongoing emergency need for food from the Food Pantry should contact the Food Pantry to discuss details.